1. Are there any costs at all for this service?

2. Do you place a surcharge on the call? Will anything extra appear on my phone bill?

3. What is special about Conference9?

4. Is installation of any software required to use the Conference Service?

5. Can I arrange for a conference call at any time of the day?

6. What should I do if I forget my password?

7. How do I contact Conference9?


1. What should I do to use Conference9 for a conference call?

2. How many conferences can I set up? Can they happen at the same time?

3. How many accounts can I open?

4. Does the number of Participants affect the quality of a conference?

5. How much lead time is required for scheduling a conference?

6. Why didn't your site send invitations to some of my conferees?

7. Are the conference calls private and secure?

8. If I use the address book with e-mail addresses of my colleagues, are those e-mail addresses kept private? Will they be passed on to telemarketers or result in spam e-mail?

9. How do I start a Conference call?

10. How do I inform other participants about the Conference call?

11. How many participants can I have in a conference call?

12. Can I change my Plan from "General" to "Premium".

13. Can a person participate in a conference from any where in the world?

14. What are the charges for this service?

15. Can I arrange for a conference call at any time of the day?

16. Are there any chances of my account expiring if I don't use it for a certain period?

17. As an administrator, can I have control over a conference call?

18. Can I record my Conference calls?

19. Can I set up a recurring conference?

20. What is the minimum time to schedule a conference?

21. Do you provide video teleconference service?

22. What is PIN?

23. Can I download recorded conference?